About Us

Mueller Construction Company launched in 1981 as a residential construction company.  But Mueller soon refocused to provide specialized machining, millwright and welding services.  Over the next 3 decades, Mueller improved and manufactured thousands of products, from tools and components to conveyors and food processing machinery.

Today, Mueller has grown into a respected custom manufacturer with engineering, installation, and service expertise.  Customers industries vary widely: oil and gas, food, medical, pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing, construction, and more. 

Onsite Customers choose Mueller’s talented team for both planned capital projects and emergency work to install or repair machinery, and to remodel facilities for better process flow.  Customers also request made-to-order parts or send machinery and other items to be repaired or upgraded at Mueller’s 96,000 square feet facilities in Sherman, Texas.

Mueller capabilties continue to grow, now as a product incubator for start-up and overflow projects.  As tenants, incubator Customers use Mueller facilities and experts to produce their prototypes and create innovative products. 


Mueller = Wise innovation, because we apply expert knowledge holistically.

Mueller = Fast ROI, because we improve your production to grow your bottom line.